Self-Storage for Gyms in the South-West

Gym Equipment
Self-Storage for Gyms

Many industries have been hit hard during the crisis of Covid-19, and with many restrictions still in place, some businesses are not yet able to open under their previous capacities.

At Bigbox WA Self-Storage, we're ready to help with the storing of gym equipment while the South-West fitness industry gets back on it's feet. We understand that even with government assistance and other financial relief, it may still not be enough to cover the costs that go hand-in-hand with a commercial lease.

Gyms from Bunbury to Augusta are tasked with planning for an uncertain future and the storage options at Bigbox WA Self-Storage can store small to large training equipment without the stress and overheads of a commercial lease.

Press machines, racks, barbells, dumbbells, cycle bikes or treadmills. With your equipment moved into one of our self-storage units at a convenient, central south-west location, gym business-owners can focus their efforts where it counts.

If you are a gym owner who has been forced to re-evaluate your expenses, Bigbox WA Self-Storage (Capel & Augusta), can help with affordable and flexible storage options to provide you with some sense of certainty during stressful times.

Contact Phil at BigBox WA Self-Storage for a friendly and understanding discussion on 0418 939 497. Phil is here to help you with any self-storage questions that you may have.