Self-Storage for Grey Nomads

Some travellers sell their house to live full-time on the road, or they rent out for a few month or even a few years. Sooner or later, most grey nomads need to find an affordable and secure place to store their vehicle or belongings.

The grey nomad lifestyle has exploded in the past few years, and while Australia is currently under some travel restrictions, intra-state travel is still going strong. We're sure you've seen the towed caravans particularly prevalent during the long-weekends.

While travelling around Australia itself is not yet allowed, many nomads are planning for the moment it is, and utilising self-storage as a stress-free option for securing their goods.

Self-storage offers flexible terms so that travellers only pay for the time they are using the unit. If using for an extended time, Bigbox WA Self-Storage can negotiate a long-term rate.

Vehicle & Caravan storage is another great facility offered to grey nomads. If they are basing themselves in the South-West for a period of time, but need to fly home for a few weeks they can leave their cars or vans with us, ready for when they return to continue their travels. Unsurprisingly, according to a recent study of a year or two ago, regional self-storage facilities are commonly 25% cheaper than metro facilities.

Consider Bigbox WA Self-Storage in Capel & Augusta if you're a grey nomad planning your trip of a lifetime. We're ready to talk you through our available services to help your next adventure be as stress-free as possible.