Our Services

If you are looking for a self storage facility in the South West, contact Bigbox Self Storage. We have two premises with a range of storage options and terms available. 

We are located in Augusta, and also have a convenient establishment in Capel - centrally located for Bunbury and Busselton residents too.  

Big Box WA Boat Storage Capel & Augusta

Do you need self storage?

We have a variety of clients who use Bigbox Self Storage for many different reasons. You could be starting stressful renovations and have too much 'stuff' in the way, or you could be thinking about getting on the home accommodation bandwagon and renting out a room to travellers and need a place to store the spare-room accumulation. 

Make things easier on yourself and consider Bigbox Self Storage today. Discounts available for long term or extra storage needs. 

Moving house?

Storage for moving house Capel & August

Maybe you are downsizing and need to store some of your property? Or you could be looking for some extra storage room while you are between your old home and new home. Call us, because we can help. 

Run a business?

Big Box WA Tool & Business Storage Capel & Augusta

Did you know that using paid storage options is a tax deduction? You can keep your assets stored between big jobs or contracts and access them as needed. 

Feeling cluttered?

Big Box WA Boat Storage Capel & Augusta

Need more space? We can help clear up the clutter by providing storage solutions for your boats, caravans and household items. We are on hand to help your family create more space at home.  

Going away?

Big Box WA Store My Stuff Capel & Augusta

Maybe you are leaving for a while on an extended holiday or hitting the big smoke for uni? You can store your things with Bigbox Self Storage until you are home. 

Capel & Augusta affordable self storage solutions