Self-Storage Packing Tips

Not sure where to start when packing your items for storage? Here are some helpful pointers:

HINTS to assist you to prepare your goods for storage.

  • Plan ahead before packing

  • Appliances should be cleaned and dried

  • Books, pack standing to protect their spines

  • Beds and mattresses, stand on the long edge, don’t store flat, wrap for protection

  • Carpets, roll up and wrap in plastic

  • China and glass, pad boxes top and bottom, individually wrap, stand plates, bowls and saucers on their edges, pad inside cups and glasses

  • Metal items, wipe surfaces with a cloth containing machine oil

  • Electrical, remove batteries, place in original boxes where possible

  • Furniture, dismantle beds, tables, etc, wrap furniture legs, cover wood and upholstery

  • Lamps, wrap bases in padding, wrap shades, store separately

  • Materials should be hung in tall boxes and mothballed

  • Mirrors and pictures, don’t store flat, wrap and store on the edge

  • Records, store on edge to prevent warping

  • Washing machines and dishwashers, make sure clean and dry, secure motors and drums with strapping

  • When packing your unit leave a walkway down the centre for easy access

  • Place items you may need in the near future at the front

  • Fill boxes to avoid the collapsing and tipping over

  • Fragile items should be packed in bubble wrap

  • Use old curtains, blankets and sheets as packing or to wrap around furniture

  • Label boxes especially if they contain fragile items

  • Put a couple of boxes of mouse bait in the unit

  • Never store flammable items

  • It is not a good idea to store irreplaceable items