Tips for Self Storing Your Boat & Caravan

Boaters and Caravaners clearly love travelling, adventure and exploring the beautiful things our amazing country has to offer. However, most people don't live in their boats or caravans permanently, and will likely need to keep them in a storage facility at one time or another.

If you are a new boat or caravan owner, our information below is designed to help you work out if the time is right to invest in storage and the best ways to prepare for your vehicle storage.

Is Caravan and Boat Storage Right for You?

We all know that camping, boating and driving are enjoyable past-times, but we also know that not everyone can afford to do this all year round. When not using their boat or caravan, many down-sizers are unable to keep them in their own property - because there is simply not enough room to move freely or they take up too much space. Many people make it easy on themselves and park them up in storage facilities like ours, where rates are very reasonable, and there are a range of options for long and short term storage.

How to Prepare Your Boat or Caravan for Self-Storage

Even though they look quite hardy, boats and caravans still require careful handling. Putting them in storage is not as simple as just rolling them into the lot and leaving them there - smart owners will take the the right precautions to make sure their assets are protected properly. This way they don't need to worry when it is time to travel and they can get the most out of the warmer months on the water or on the road.

Clean the exterior

Give it a good wash. Make sure that things like mud, leaves, tree sap or droppings are cleared from the surface, because leaving them there may cause damage to the paint or lead to rust and corrosion. Spray any locks with an anti-rust treatment so nothing sticks when you get your vehicle from storage.

Leaky roofs and walls can cause expensive repairs, so also remember to inspect the sides, seams, windows, doors and roof for cracks or potential water damage. Reseal problem areas if possible and necessary.

Clean the interior

Take out perishable items from cabinets and fridges. Vacuum crumbs or food-bits that may have fallen onto carpets, countertops, chairs or tables. Vacuuming will also help to prevent dust mites, mould and fungi. Continue your clean with an all-purpose cleaner to rid surfaces of viruses and bacteria. Clean and dry your fridge, and leave the door open to let it air out completely. Switch off and unplug any appliances, and check and close any valves and regulators.

Keep Out Outsiders

A parked caravan or boat trailer can be a warm, welcoming place for pests and rodents that not only like to build a small home but also chew on wires, linings and other plastics. While many enclosed self-storage facilities are rodent-proof, it never hurts to take extra measures to protect your asset. In addition to cleaning the interior thoroughly, use some simple controls such as mouse traps, or spray undersides with appropriate repellents.

Importantly, remember to seal off any possible openings that creatures could squeeze through. Tightly close windows, air vents, intakes and wire storage hatches.

Check Water Systems and Holding Tanks

It can be a good idea to drain the water system prior to putting your caravan into storage. This prevents microbes from growing in stagnant water - potentially damaging filters and pipes. Empty and rinse out holding tanks too.

Check Tyres

Inflate all tyres of caravans or trailers to the recommended amount, and check the pressure. Leaving tyres unaired over long periods of time can deform the rubber and make them potentially unsafe for the road.

Final Tips for Self-Storage Prepping

  • Check engine and fuel. Consider an engine wash.

  • Change the oil to prevent contamination from gunk and particles.

  • Top up with fuel to protect your tank and engine.

  • Disconnect your battery and store in a safe, dry location.

  • Consider getting all-weather covers specially designed for your caravan or boat.

  • Be on the safe side and make sure your insurance policy is updated and covers the period it is in storage.

We're here to give you the good news that with proper maintenance you can help your investment last, even when you are not using it. Follow our tips so you can enjoy your boat and caravan for as long as possible. Have fun adventure seekers and consider Bigbox WA Self-Storage in Capel & Augusta next time you need to park up your boat or caravan, for short or long term self-storage.